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- the novel

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First, the standard disclaimer:

The fan fiction in this journal is based on the work of J.R.R Tolkien whose characters and settings are copyrighted through the Tolkien Estate. However, this particular brand of my fiction is not written for profit or distribution.

This little backwater of LJ at the moment contains my (pandemonium_213) ficcish "sketches" and stories intended for a future novel or series of connected novellas. Later, it may develop as the actual site for the novel/novellas and their peripheral works.

The majority of my more developed fan fiction may be found in my little corner of The Silmarillion Writers' Guild.

Stories may be rated as general through adult content (mature themes, sexual content and violence), thus the journal's content setting is defaulted to mature audiences. Some stories are under filter to avoid spoilers, but if one wishes to take a guess or three, shoot an e-mail my way to docbushwellATgmailDOTcom, and you may very well receive a set of keys to the Vaults of the Mírdain.